• 15 Jun - 12 Oct
  • 18:00 - 19:30

In collaboration with: Fondazione Corriere della Sera.

An opportunity to stimulate collective reflection about some urgent issues of our time, by exploring the impact of the environment on our being - both as individuals and as a species - and, reciprocally, the footprint mankind leaves on the environment.

With the specific aim of guaranteeing the public and its Community the scientific reliability of the contents proposed in the project program, BAM has set up a Scientific Committee formed by the President Marco Riva (Neurosurgeon, University of Milan), Sandro Catani (Senior Advisor , Mercer Italia), Francesca Colombo (General and Cultural Director BAM - Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, Riccardo Catella Foundation), Camilla Lunelli (Director of Communications, Cantine Ferrari), Andrea Moro (Professor and Deputy Rector, IUSS Pavia), Donatella Sciuto (Vice Rector Vicar, Politecnico di Milano), Massimo Sideri (Columnist and Editorial Manager of Corriere Innovazione, Corriere della Sera).

The five meetings were organized to show different views on a shared and priority issue: the relationship between how we live our planet and the responses from the environment—a global challenge and a post-pandemic reaction that cannot be avoided.

All the meetings will be streamed on BAM' website, Corriere della Sera Foundation and Corriere della Sera as well as in the park of the Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano in safe conditions, sitting on the lawns.

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  • Area Meli Giardino De Castillia, 28
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