• 1 Sep - 27 Oct

BAM Running Thursday

Running is a physical challenge, but even mental at times. When you don’t find motivation, all you need is the right company.

Nike Coaches Anita and Najla are ready to greet all running enthusiasts for a training session every Thursday. They will help you find the energy to go beyond your limits.

We recommend arriving 15 minutes in advance.

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BAM Training Tuesday

Let the energy and motivation of Nike Coaches Ivana and Paolo blow you away every Tuesday.

HIT, Total Body Workout, and much more, including functional training and cardio exercises for a complete and balanced session.

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BAM Senior Fitness

BAM senior fitness #wellness paragraph – A functional training session dedicated to the over-65 age group, to stay fit through tailor made workouts.

Functional training involves bodyweight exercises or small, specific equipment to work on large and small muscle groups. It is a natural way to restore the optimum body function both in sport and in everyday life.

Functional training gives the chance to tailor specific workouts to each person to suit his/her needs.

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BAM Bootcamp

A cycle of high-intensity training sessions involving the entire muscular and circulatory system

Come to try and immediately book your first session! Let all your stress go and test yourself, surrounded by nature!

The session is itinerant and will take place all across the park.

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  • Area Meli Via Gaetano de Castillia, 18-20
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