Thanks to all the gamers who brought the Portanuova Game Fest to life! This first event under the Portanuova brand, dedicated to the worlds of gaming and dance, engaged over 1,000 players at Gae Aulenti Square, accumulating more than 12 million impressions on social media.

From October 4th to 8th, Portanuova transformed into a true eldorado for gamers and entertainment enthusiasts, providing an unprecedented experience for our neighborhood: 5 days of games and performances open to all.

Nintendo Switch stations, Mario Kart, EA Sports FC, all animated by the presence of renowned streamers in the square: from the incredible beatbox skills of Infernal Beat Box to the gaming tips and tricks by the FUT Founders, including stand-up comedy by Emanuel Ceruti and the charm of TikTokers Feforico and Ezector.

Portanuova Game Fest was not only a digital-native event but also an inclusive one, inviting everyone to participate and enjoy a variety of engaging games and shows that fostered a sense of belonging and a spirit of friendly and healthy competition.

The highlight was the Just Dance Tournament, a phigital challenge for those who wanted to test their dancing skills. It saw the victory of Leonardo Lucia, who won a 30-lesson dance course with the famous choreographer Ivan Spinella, and the first-ever Portanuova Game Fest trophy, handcrafted by the artist Fè - Federica Sutti. This was followed by the second-place finisher, Chiara Persampieri, and Claudia Giordano, who won the Social Challenge launched by 2Watch to their Instagram and Tik Tok communities.

The highly anticipated final on Sunday, October 8th, was hosted by the legendary Bryan Box, with the participation of Mattia Zenzola, the winning dancer of Amici 22, who entertained us with a dance challenge to the last step!

See you soon in Portanuova: let's play!