Noisy Style: style runs a green light too


We interviewed Luca Ravezzani, co-partner of Noisy Style, the creative factory based in Milan dedicated to the customisation of motorcycles which are unique and exuberant, just like the passion driving our Noisyboy.

The 24-year-old biker and social showman, who is also a much-loved YouTuber (with 230k followers), introduced us to his “harem” of 2-wheel beauties, between naked shapes and chromatic shocks, histrionic clashes and creative sparks and, above all, an absolute passion for design and 2-wheel mechanics.

An amazing project with a mission hung on the wall, like a workshop poster: satisfying the soul (engine) and the heart (the curves of the moving body, as well as the ones of the street), every need for vanity and performance.

The same mission that, on November 26th to 28th, will bring Luca and his partner Matteo on stage at Motosalone 2021 by NoisyStyle, a temporary showroom located at the entrance of Torre Solea in Portanuova, offering a full calendar of experiences for the joy of fans, voyeurs and “exhibitionists”.

PN: Hi Luca, welcome. Introduce us to Noisy Style, just freewheeling.
LR: Noisy Style was born a year and a half ago, from an idea that my friend and colleague Matteo Canciani and I had just after our graduation. We always shared an unstoppable passion for the 2 wheels. I love Enduro whilst Matteo prefers the road, we have opposite personalities, but we are able to transform ordinary clashes between business partners into meeting opportunities. And we like to think the same happens in the creative process, where different ideas can create creative sparks of innovation.

The Noisy Factory concept responds to the widespread need to customise motorcycles, starting from our own portfolio, showcased on my YouTube channel, “Noisyboy” - that I actively promote for the last 5 years.

The increased interest for unique models spiked in the last few years, due to the desire to stand out in a market dominated by passing trends as well as driven by shaping a mechanical monster tailored to the drivers’ own egos.

At the end of the day, us, bikers are all exhibitionists, we like to be seen riding a unique motorbike, and this desire can be easily fulfilled at our Noisy atelier, just plan a visit, “confess” your aesthetic preferences: we listen to them, we take them on board and we turn them into constructive ideas.

We ask our customers an initial act of trust, namely to leave us their motorbike (I also suffer every day when I abandon my motorbike, even for a service). Then, I take care of the design and Matteo takes care of the mechanics.

PN: Do you only develop motorcycles on commission?
LR: For now, yes, but we always guide the customer through the process, advising on roads we consider “sustainable” and safe in terms of feasibility and results, based on our experience. We consider that there are some objective forms of beauty going beyond personal taste. Our job is also to discourage a customer from ruining a beautiful motorbike with unworthy actions.

PN: In terms of style, you’re not a café racer, but mainly working on recent motorcycles’ models, making the design and mechanics more extreme by adding new components. Is that a correct interpretation of your work?
LR: Yes, we are more high tech, we are designers, our style aims to improve without disrupting. The issue with café racers is that they are retro and, once revamped, they become difficult to drive, even if thrilling. Like those old ladies rejuvenated using a scalpel: you can’t expect recovered beauty to match extraordinary athletic abilities, that would really be against time!

Going back to riding, we prefer the naked styling, whether they are touristic, road, super sporty or adventure motorcycles, subject to their driveability.

PN: Talking about beauties, on your website you’re showing without shame your beautiful harem of motorcycles: do you ride every day to enjoy them all, one by one? How do you choose the motorcycle of the day?  Mood of the day? Weather forecast? Based on your outfit or on the occasion?
LR: That’s a great question, it is a feeling. Yes, I ride every day. And I choose my beauty according to my mood. Whether it’s energic and vivacious, or mild and sleepy, I choose my favourite one when I wake up. In the city, I always prefer the quieter ones, that don’t drown out my thoughts while commuting.

PN: What does your “typical” customer ask for? Does he have a precise idea or gets driven by feelings and key words?
LR: 70% of customers communicate vague needs, giving us a blank cheque. This freedom often hides a double-edged sword: it allows us to be creative, but at the same time leave us in fear of exceeding and not interpreting the brief correctly. We prefer to implement precise requests, like the one we received by a Naruto enthusiast: we developed a motorcycle that represented the manga world, without creative skidding into other worlds.

PN: Since you define yourselves a laboratory of ideas, let’s test your creativity with a tricky exercise: combine the attention for the environment and sustainability, strong key words very actual, with your company called “noisy style”.
LR: Now I surprise you: we are working on a cool project dedicated to new urban mobility, together with a Swedish electric motorcycles brand. But I cannot tell you more for now, it is a secret project!

PN: The electric power is now expanding to the motorcycles world too. We see a boom of green two-cylinder scooters (like the food delivery ones), and I also see (but not hear) big quiet scooters around town. What do you think about those? Is it a passing fad or a transformation in progress?
LR: I talked about silent motorcycles for urban mobility, that - now more than ever - should be dealt with considered and promoted within certain limits: speed, emissions and decibel.

Personally, when I leave the city, my horizons change, I love the ’engine's power and noise, the curves… You need to listen to the motorcycle. As a famous Japanese car’s manufacturer says: “horse and knight should be in perfect harmony”. You are driving, enjoying the journey, there is nothing bothering your thoughts. On YT, I am Noisyboy because of my exuberant tone, this is my noise. In the city, I dream of silence.

PN: Could electric curb your creativity? For example, with reference to the volume of the battery pack?
LR: We need to review our parameters, but it’s interesting to lighten the volume of the battery pack, at least visually.

For example, we worked on a mammoth GS 1250 turned into a super sporty motorcycle and the slenderness that visually communicated after ‘the diet’ was truly amazing.

PN: Did you ever consider producing motorcycles from scratch, perhaps assembling components from different suppliers? How would they look like?
LR: It’s not our goal, but it could be a style exercise, becoming manufacturers requires significant resources. For sure, if one day we will launch our own brand, it would be a road motorcycles brand (don’t tell Matteo…).

PN: Why did you choose Portanuova and its skyline as a location for some of your videos?
LR: It has an international vibe and its futuristic look is in line with our high tech “constructions”.

PN: Do you hang out in Portanuova?
LR: Of course, and we also like spending time in Moscova, Garibaldi, and Isola. We workout in BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano in Portanuova.

PN: Additionally to a call for caution to our readers, from wearing the helmet to driving sober, are there any recommendations you would like to add?
LR: I have two. The first one is “Always look twice”, I share the recommendation, if you want to drive safely you should think badly, always think that who is coming from the side street may cut you off, and slow down before you can understand what they will do, so you can avoid last minute movements.

Another good recommendation is “Drive according to your skills”, there are so many people who can afford to buy Lamborghini motorcycles to drive them in an unpredictable urban environment. Actually it is a waste for these beauties to be driven in the chaotic city traffic where instead new forms of mobility should be preferred, like in our city, Milan.

PN: Talking about Milan, the Eicma weekend is approaching, will you be there?
LR: No, we attended 2 years ago, this year we prefer to celebrate our own temporary store in Portanuova during the same week of the Eicma event, to showcase our work done on 10 motorcycles and to reveal an ‘Italian pride’ to the world: a MVAgusta F3 Evoluta 800. The Swedish electric motorcycle will be at our showroom, we cannot wait to put it on show but, as all the guest stars, she loves to be awaited.

PN: If you think about your viewers on YouTube, do you feel responsible for them?
LR: Yes, especially during the last few years. I was known by my followers as a “tweaker”, I changed my attitude on the streets and I often share the love for a quiet ride and enjoyment for few curves and a platter of cold cuts in good company, without excesses.

PN: That makes perfect sense.