BAM - Caring for the environment, caring for ourselves

  • 28 September
  • 18:00 - 19:00

How can we deal with the aftermath of a world health emergency?

The answer comes from two people who experienced it on the front line: Emanuele Capobianco – Director for Health and Care at the International Federation of Red Cross Societies – and Ilaria Capua, a well-known virologist.

Moderator: Massimo Sideri.

The event may be followed directly at the park on the big screen of the Apple Tree Area or in live streaming on:





Ilaria Capua
After graduating in Veterinary Medicine at the University of Perugia, she obtained a Master’s degree at the University of Pisa and a PhD at the University of Padua. In 2007, she received the Scientific American 50 Award, and in 2008 she was included among “Revolutionary Minds” by the US magazine Seed for her leadership in science and politics. In 2011, she was the first woman to ever win the Penn Vet World Leadership Award, the most prestigious recognition in veterinary medicine. From 2013 to 2016, she was Vice President of the Science, Culture, and Education Commission at the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Today, she manages the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida. From 1993 to this day, she published over 220 papers in international magazines and scientific texts.

Emanuele Capobianco
After graduating in Medicine at the University of Pavia, he obtained a Master’s degree in Public Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and an MSc in Humanitarian Assistance at “Roma Tre” University of Rome. Emanuele Capobianco is an expert in public health, boasting 20 years of work experience at international institutions. He is the Director for Health and Care at the International Federation of Red Cross Societies. He is the Director of Health and Nutrition for UNICEF in Mozambique, where he has worked for 4 years to improve local health services for women and children. He has worked as a Senior Health Specialist at the World Bank, and has taken part in projects to fight EPI, Polio, and Tuberculosis in Somalia.

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