• 1 Jun - 30 Jun
  • 18:30 - 19:30

BAM training

Portanuova’s BAM-Library of Trees welcomes you with a schedule of events related to health and wellness:

BAM Open-air Yoga in partnership with Trybe Yoga

Join us every Wednesday morning to take care of our mind and body through physical exercise in nature.

A weekly rendezvous to experiment with this fantastic discipline combining physical and mental well-being in full.

To take part, visit the BAM website page 

BAM Senior Fitness

A functional training session for participants over-65, to stay fit through exercises made to measure.

Our functional training includes calisthenics or training with small, specific equipment to exercise large and small muscle groups and naturally restore an ideal functioning of the body both in sport and in everyday life.

Functional training has the power to adjust each workout to the individuals involved and cater to their demands.

In partnership with Natked.

Visit the BAM website page 

BAM Bootcamp

What’s new in 2022? A schedule of high-impact training sessions that deeply involve every muscle and the entire cardiovascular system.

Hey, you! Come try these new exercises in green surroundings: book a session now to let go of any stress and challenge yourself!

Sessions are dynamic and cross the entire park.

Visit the BAM website page 


  • Via Gaetano de Castillia, 18-20
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