BAM Workshop KIDS let's cultivate together 2023

  • 28 Mar - 19 Sep
  • 16:45 - 17:45

The BAM Workshops let's Cultivate Together are resuming, and this year they are expanding with the introduction of the cultivation of cut flowers, as well as that of vegetables and dyeing plants!

Flowers not only enrich the garden with their colors and scents, but are essential for creating a place rich in biodiversity and beauty.
Vegetables provide us with daily nourishment, and among these, species that are rarely cultivated in the Milan area will also be introduced into BAM's crops.
Dyeing plants will lead us to the discovery of colors, to combine nature and creativity!
A vegetable garden full of scents, flavors and colors is waiting to be cultivated with your help.

Starting from March 28 we meet every Tuesday in the Giardino de Castillia, book your place now on the BAM website!

Here is this year's calendar:

28.3 - We sow a "field" of flowers

4.4 – Color hunt: blue
11.4 – Let's prepare the garden for planting
18.4 – The vegetable garden and transplants

2.5 – What flowers need to grow
9.5 – We fertilize the vegetable garden naturally
16.5 – Hunting for color: yellow
23.5 – Pollinating insects and parasites
30.5 – Taking care of the garden

6.6 – The collection
13.6 – Hunting for color: red
20.6 – Let's prepare a bouquet of flowers
27.6 – Let's prepare the garden for the holidays

5.9 – The latest harvests and autumn work in the garden
12.9 – Color hunt: green
19.9 – New plants and storage of rhizomes


  • Giardino De Castillia, 28
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