• 23 September
  • 19:00 - 21:00

Lia Capizzi meets Omar Di Felice

The appointment at Volvo Studio Milano continues with Lia Capizzi, journalist and well-known face of TV, who introduces the stories of sportsmen who have accomplished an extraordinary feat. #unviaggioincredibile is just that: the tale of an experience-limit and an opportunity for the audience to delve deeper and ask questions directly to the protagonists.

On Sept. 23, it will be the turn of Omar Di Felice, the extreme cyclist author of a great feat: the complete Arctic round-the-world ride, 4200 km in winter across the 3 Arctic border lines from Kamchatka (Russia) to Alaska. An epic crossing with a deep human and also sustainable value: this challenge was part of the "Bike to 1.5°C" project related to scientific popularization on climate change.

A professional cyclist for six years, after a bike trip from Lourdes to Santiago de Compostela Omar Di Felice began his approach to long-distance races, sticking to national and international awards such as winning the 2014 TorTour Switzerland (1005 km), the 2015 Tour du Mont Blanc (330 km), the 2015-2016 Dolomitica Ultracycling (616 km) and the 2018 Italian Endurance24 Hours Championship. 

In 2018 he decided to devote himself to extreme travel in the coldest places on the Planet. 

He is the author of ""Cycling in the Silence of Ice. Extreme cycling and happiness"" published by Rizzoli and ""Zona Omar"" published by Baldini+Castoldi. He is accredited as an Italian Climate Network UNFCCC observer for COP26 in 2021.

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