At Portanuova, a simple Tac! will make all your wishes come true

It sounds like a reference to the famous film starring Renato Pozzetto [Il ragazzo di campagna] but it’s a revolutionary digital ‘Milanese concierge’ that promises to improve the lives of all the people of Milan and may be activated through the Portanuova Milano App.

Tac! is a women’s start-up company that seems to be made to measure for Portanuova. The District is the perfect setting for it to grow and strive. To be absolutely concise, it is a service designed to assign every possible chore and role. Thus a concierge, but also a problem solver.

The idea was born out of the desire to improve the habits of the people of Milan and optimize everyday quality of life to the fullest, because everyone knows that the ‘big city life’ gives a myriad of opportunities to young men and women, but it’s equally true that this often translates into ‘so much to do and too little time’, which simply raises the anxiety level of the citizens.

Therefore, Tac! Concierge is much more than a personal assistant: it is a ‘bringer of spare time’, the only good that money truly cannot buy… until today. Yessir, Tac! Concierge gives its users the time to do whatever they wish, without wasting it on duties, tasks, pickup or purchases.

Just like Portanuova, Tac! aims to improve people’s quality of life. Besides, the affinity of the start-up with the District goes well beyond good intentions: it is tangible and based on a fully sustainable business model. Tac! Concierge only uses carbon-free electric vehicles for its deliveries.

Green and digital, but also customer-driven: basically, Tac! has strong attention to the human aspect and makes the trust relationship between the customer and concierge a quintessential value. The start-up was created by two Milanese women who had the same issues as their current clients, thus customer empathy is guaranteed.

Tac! Concierge will be a very important asset for the Portanuova Milano App, which has broken the 11,000-user barrier and will add services to help the community run the big and small errands in daily life.