Business is becoming increasingly smart: IWG's Spaces Gae Aulenti is coming to Portanuova

The benefits of co-working are well-known to those who work in global cities - the world's major cities. The infinite variety of professionals in one place increases networking opportunities and opens up new business prospects. The technological environment and shared design of the spaces enhance the quality of work and performance.

Portanuova is delighted to welcome Spaces Gae Aulenti, a new co-working space by the international giant IWG, occupying 5,500 square meters with co-working areas, offices of various sizes, meeting rooms, event spaces, a refreshment area, 98 private offices, and an incredible terrace overlooking the district's iconic square.

Yes, because the offices of Spaces Gae Aulenti will be located in one of the most coveted and evocative places, not only in the district but in the entire city - from the second to the seventh floor of the Tower B of the Unicredit Tower.

The opening is scheduled for July, in order to be fully operational by September when Milan - like every year after the August closures - starts bustling even stronger.

Mauro Mordini, IWG's Country Manager for Italy, explains that the demand for "flexible offices" in 2023 has stabilized at levels well above the pre-pandemic period, and the user base has expanded to include larger dimensions and even very numerous corporate populations. "From being a physical property, the office has become a service. Like a company car: it doesn't belong to the company, but it's an outsourced supply tailored to one's own needs."