Portanuova, the symbol district of one of the biggest urban redevelopments with cultural, social and environmental impact, hosts one of the most popular events in the world of design: the Fuorisalone

With its dynamic mix of contemporary architecture and Milan history, Portanuova, from april 15th to 21th, explores the latest trends in design with events, exhibitions and installations to celebrate the creativity of designers from around the world.

MATERIA NATURA: Conversazioni con portanuova: focuses on the theme 'Materia Natura', exploring the connection between design, art and sustainability. The installation, which comes from a partnership with Portanuova, interacts with its surroundings through LED screens and questions, promoting dialogue on sustainability.
Piazza Gae Aulenti, 12

MANDALA LAB @BAM: an immersive experience based on Buddhist and neuroscientific principles, promoting empathy and compassion through art and meditation.
Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano

ELECTROLUX ECOLINE HUB: a high-impact mirrored structure that calls for sustainability with efficient solutions for laundry and cooking.
Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano – Area Cedri

ECOALF STORE: unveils a concept challenges conventional perceptions of waste by showcasing the inherent value in discarded materials: BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLANET B®
Piazza Gae Aulenti, 6

ANDREU WORLD SHOWROOM: debuts in Milan with its first showroom, with a focus on sustainability and the Circular Design® Challenge for a more eco-sustainable future.
Via Alessio Di Tocqueville, 14

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