Hair Bar. The right cocktail to express your style.

Do you know the classic ‘shampoo and blowdry’ hairdressing service? Well, forget all about it.

Portanuova could have nothing but an innovative format, mismatched from the classic way of interpreting the hair salon.

Hair Bar is a ‘fast beauty’ concept targeting mainly ‘business-world’, modern, demanding, cosmopolitan and metropolitan customers with no time to lose and unimpressed with the “impersonal salons”. It is designed to satisfy even the most demanding clients with its fine hairstyles, sublime cocktails, glamorous blow-dries and a 40-minute stopover at most.

Let me tell you about a Hair Bar experience. You book an appointment online and as soon as you walk in, you are invited to sit on a snug blush-coloured couch all for yourself. You can choose the cut you were looking for by using a readily-available iPad… Not before having scrolled through the trending styles of the past season, because Hair Bar is not only a beautifully designed shop in a prestigious location but also a place where style and up-to-date counselling play first fiddle, and seasonality and trends are examined and disseminated with care.

Hair Bar provides treatments for any occasion and special styles to satisfy specific events and requirements, like the new SOUR style to give a wavy effect even to the straightest hair or the exclusive TWIST combination of braids and chignon wrap to give you a romantic and classy look.

Finally, Hair Bar is simply a beautiful location to enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure. Bask in the wise hands of its hair stylists as you sip on a delicious cocktail and admire the unique atmosphere.