The cultural events at BAM - Milan Library of Trees are always free, and continue thanks to the support of BAMFRIEND, its green community!

Through an annual membership, you may contribute to the maintenance of the public green areas in order to preserve their botanical value and keep them safe and clean.

Moreover, you will have access to an exclusive members-only discount and benefit programme in agreement with a selection of stores and restaurants at Portanuova.

Do you want to join in? As a BAMFRIEND you will immediately be included in the supporter list and you will receive a digital card for access to BAM retail friends discounts and promotions, a BAM map, and an eco-friendly gift. You will also enjoy a world of BAMvantages, from park tours to preview invitations. Choose your membership type – Individual, Under 30, Over 65, and Family (2 adults+5 children under 18) and remember: as well as personally subscribing to the community in just a few clicks, you may also buy a membership for whoever you wish.

Find prices and info in the specific section of the BAM website.

Support sustainability, become a BAMFRIEND!

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