Taaaaac*... Portanuova is the location for the second film of "Il Milanese Imbruttito".

You take a stroll around Portanuova and taaaac you find yourself in the middle of a film shooting? All normal: 'Mr Imbruttito' Germano Lanzoni and his crew chose the Portanuova district as the main set for 'Ricomincio da Taaac', the second film by Il Milanese Imbruttito

The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas next autumn, but already in the first weeks of March Portanuova will already be populated by the Imbruttito cast - actors, directors, extras and all the staff members - who will be filming in the most evocative corners of our neighbourhood, including Piazza Gae Aulenti, Bosco Verticale and many other locations.

"It is a pride and achievement for us to be able to land once again in the cinema and streaming platforms with the second feature film of the project 'Il Milanese Imbruttito'," says Tommaso Pozza, CEO of Shewants/Il Milanese Imbruttito. "A journey that has been going on for more than 10 years on social media, which is constantly evolving and which will once again see the cast of our actor-heroes starring in new adventures, this time entirely in the 'city'. We are sure there will be laughter!".

Where did the choice of location for the new film come from? Obviously from the iconic 'Milanese' imprint of Portanuova, an entertainment district for the public as well as a symbol of a great urban architectural redevelopment of a cultural, social and environmental nature. Among others, the common denominator between the district and the production of 'Ricomincio da Taaac' is also sustainability: the production chose not to use vans or camper vans as dressing rooms but to use Portanuova's spaces. And even the extras are 'local', frequenters or workers from the neighborhood who become actors for a day!

The cast is a blast: the Imbruttito par excellence Germano Lanzoni, the Giargiana (Valerio Airò Rochelmeyer), the Wife (Laura Locatelli), the Nano (Leonardo Uslengo) and obviously the Imbruttita (Brenda Lodigiani). And then also Paolo Calabresi, Claudio Bisio, Renato Avallone, Martina Bonan and new entries Raul Cremona, Francesco Mandelli and Maurizio Bousso. Since you can't change a winning team, Pietro Belfiore, Davide Bonacina, Andrea Fadenti, Andrea Mazzarella and Davide Rossi return as directors. 

With a cast like that, you can't help but take a trip to Portanuova and try to catch all the actors!

*TAC /ta:k/ a dialectal way of saying wihich means “here it is”. When something goes right “taaac”.