The most famous slice of Milan arrives in Portanuova: let’s go to Spontini!

Exactly 70 years after the historic first opening on Via Spontini, it could be said that anyone who has not tasted Spontini's slice at least once cannot be considered a true Milanese.

Its history is indissolubly linked to Milan, its changes, its values of a productive and welcoming city.

The fact that Spontini has decided to open in Piazza Gae Aulenti today is not only a great pleasure for Portanuova, but also a sign of the times: the historic Milanese slice arrives in the symbol district of contemporary architecture, inclusion, innovation, and social and environmental responsibility.

If savoring a Spontini’s slice is already a pleasure that engages all 5 senses, doing so in Gae Aulenti, in the Food Court on floor -1, is an experience we invite everyone to try. Yes, because to the unique taste of the pizza is added the uniqueness of the location, which deserves to be experienced even outside the lunchtime rush, for a stress-free slice every day from 11 am to 10 pm.

For those who still don't know, in essence, Spontini's pizza is a high slice pizza, with a crispy base and soft dough cooked in a pan with plenty of oil.

Spontini's winning formula is not only in the choice of local raw materials but also in the "sustainability" factor: the use of all Italian and locally sourced products and the minimal use of plastic. Not to mention the winning idea at its core, namely the simplicity of the proposal based essentially on a single product - the Margherita - which has obviously evolved over time, becoming the base for many toppings, all delicious.

So, enjoy your slice, all you Spontini lovers!