Wash, Iron and Repair? Your new neighborhood time-saver.

If it is true that in Milan the pace can be frenetic and overwhelming, it is also true that you just need to look a little closer "under the Madonnina" to discover that the realities were created specifically to give citizens a little more free time.

The Portanuova Milano app presents Wash, Iron and Repair, a service in partnership with Lavanderia Lampo, as indispensable as it is extremely appreciated by the visitors of Portanuova and beyond - which speaks very well for the Milanese are quick to adopt a new habit when it comes to optimizing their time.

The service accessible from the Portanuova Milano app and located in Portanuova (Via Fratelli Castiglioni 8), the nerve center of the District, consists of the collection, washing, treatment and return of clothing of any kind. But not only that: it also offers shoe repairs and tailoring at super competitive prices!
To discover the list of all the services and related prices, just consult the app - the real shopping enabler of the neighborhood.

We have already said, but we would like to remember it: in Portanuova every operator (shop, bar, restaurant, etc.) is selected with sustainability criteria, which evaluate the commitment of the individual brand with respect to topics such as energy saving, environmental protection, people's well-being.

It is therefore not surprising that another virtuous aspect of our partner Lavanderia Lampo is the "green" factor because the detergents used are eco-compatible and biodegradable and the energy used throughout the supply chain is zero impact, with a Lifegate Energy supply contract.

Furthermore, Lavanderia Lampo is also specialized in the sanitation and sanitization treatment of work clothes according to the directives of Law 81/2008.

So, more free time for everyone and clothes always clean and ready... in a flash!